Send a personalized douche to someone who deserves it.

Whoever it is, whatever they’ve done or not done, now you’ve got options!
Whether they’ve really earned it or you’re just ribbing a friend, a Douche-O-Gram is the gift they’ll never forget. Even if they don’t know who it’s from.

Douche-O-Gram gives you three very affordable options to give you smug satisfaction, sent anywhere within the U.S.

1 The Full Douche

  • Have a Personalized Douche sent by first class mail to whomever you choose
  • Includes a personalized Douche Certificate suitable for framing with their name, personally
    signed by the Regents of Douche University.
  • Can be anonymous or not — your choice
  • Just $9.99!

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2 The Certificate


  • Personalized Douche Certificate sent by first class mail to anyone you choose, almost anywhere
  • Anonymous or not — your choice
  • Just $3.99!

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3 The E-Douche


  • Personalized e-Douche Certificate will be sent by d-mail to whomever you choose
  • Recipient will be told “______ has sent you an e-douche”
  • Free!

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